Council considering various issues

The Chelsea city council is looking at a charter review, a capital improvement plan (CIP), and the upcoming city budget.

Recent hearing have revolved around charter review and the selection process as well as a look toward the future with a rising belief among some of the members that the city manager should live in Chelsea.

Charter Review and the city’s obligation to embark upon it, has led to the item being sent to conference for discussion.

It is presently in the committee on conference, where it will be discussed by all the councilors.

At the forefront of the debate is how and who will be chosen to serve on the Charter Review Committee and what changes should be suggested and debated for the charter itself.

The CIP has been moved to the second reading by Councillor Brian Hatleberg.

Discussion about the CIP is expected to come up at the next meeting of the council, which is scheduled for Monday, April 26.

Councillors will be attempting to prioritize the city’s major needs with regard to infrastructure and the purchase of equipment.

“We’re looking to repave Washington Avenue,” said Council President Leo Robinson. “Once we’ve approved the CIP, Washington Avenue will be a direct benefit of that vote,” he added.

The city budget is being crafted by all the department heads at city hall.

Their recommendations and the city manager’s overview, will lead to a final budget document that will be voted on by the city council.

“We are planning a number of conferences regarding the budget in the weeks to come. During those meetings we’ll review the budget – councilors will question department heads about expenditures – and then everything will be put into righting, taken up and voted upon,” Robinson added.

City Manager Jay Ash is required by law to balance the budget – and so – expenditures must meet income projections.

“We’re hoping to hold the line on spending,” Ash told the Record.

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