The Quiet Man returns

Chelsea’s Johnny Ruiz – the first Hispanic heavyweight boxing champion of the world – is set to enter the ring in Manchester, England Saturday to fight David Haye, the British champion.

The fight is for the heavyweight championship of the world.

Those of us who have known Johnny and his family since he was a kid just starting out in Chelsea, and who have followed his fighting career avidly, will all be praying for him to pull off one of his stunning victories, which he is entirely capable of doing.

This is probably the fight of Johnny’s life, coming at a time when there are just so many opportunities remaining for him in the ring.

We wish him good luck in his fight Saturday.

And we know when he wins back the crown, that he will come back to Chelsea in all his glory and share it with his faithful followers whom he grew up with and whom he knows so well.

Good luck, Johnny Ruiz.

May the Quiet Man gets what he wants.

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