Language barrier – Senator reminded not to use Irish brogue again in debate

Mimicking an Irish brogue is not the way to make friends and influence important people when attempting to erase Bunker Hill Day and Evacuation Day as Suffolk County Holidays.

Senator Michael Knapik, the leader of the anti Bunker Hill Day voices – from the western part of the state – while debating with Gene O’Flaherty last year the bill that nearly ended the holidays- went a bit too far.

“Isn’t it a wee bit of a coincidence that March 17 is Evacuation Day and that it is the same day as the Feast of St. Patrick and isn’t this symbolic of good old fashioned Boston politics,” Knapik said while testifying before the Judiciary Committee last year.

It was an overt anti-Irish type expression that raised more than a few eyebrows including those of O’Flaherty and South Boston Senator Jack Hart.

Fast forward to last week’s discussions about the holidays with Senator Knapik once again appearing before O’Flaherty.

“I respectfully asked Knapik to be considerate and not to mimic the Irish accent and brogue my father spoke while debating the point before the Judiciary Committee.

He was very senatorial,” said O’Flaherty.

“When the testimony began and his assertions were being questioned, he began to get a bit testy,” O’Flaherty told the Chelsea Record.

“He didn’t want to compromise in order to save the history of those holidays,” he added.

Knapik, according to O’Flaherty once again called the holidays hack holidays, resulting in Hart and Knapik going at it.

“Should we also put Patriots Day into the brew to save more money?” Knapik was asked.

“Do you wish to suggest that we get rid of Patriots Day, also?” Hart asked him.

He remained quiet.

For the time being, the bill to end the Suffolk County holidays remains on the table in the Judiciary Committee headed by O’Flaherty.

It is likely that bill will remain there in perpetuity.

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