Charter review selection committee has first meeting

Tuesday night marked the first meeting – an organizational get together – of the newly appointed Charter Review Selection Committee responsible for setting the boundaries and establishing the format for the Charter Review Committee.

The city council voted 11-0 to convene such a Charter Review Committee last month

The committee members were named recently by Council President Leo Robinson.

They include: Councillors Brian Hatleberg, Dan Cortell, Calvin Brown, Paula Barton, and Roseann Bongiovanni

“I have the right as city council president to choose as I did. I believe I chose a very smart group of hard working councilors who will do a good job for Chelsea residents,” Robinson said.

The Charter Review Selection Committee will come up with the process for Charter Review and how such a review is going to be conducted.

It is also empowered to create and establish a pro forma and protocol in order to choose qualified residents to become members of the review committee.

It has been 10 years since the last Charter Review.

It is expected that the charter will get a good going over by the committee once it is chosen and in place.

However, it is not yet exactly known what issues will govern future discussions.

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