Coakley carries Chelsea, Suffolk County but Brown wins U.S. Senate election

Attorney General Martha Coakley showed great strength in Chelsea on Tuesday’s United State Senatorial election.

Coakley carried the city with a 2562 vote versus that of Scott Brown, who scored 1501 votes.

Although Brown lost Chelsea, he won the battle statewide, clobbering Coakley with an impressive victory of more than 100,000 votes out of slightly more than 2 million that were cast in Tuesday’s special election.

Libertarian candidate Joseph L. Kennedy scored 73 votes in Chelsea as well.

“The city showed a good turnout,” said City Clerk Debbie Clayman. “The voting throughout the city went off without a hitch,” she added.

A total of 4159 ballots were cast in Chelsea out of a potential total of 11,288 registered voters or 36.84 per cent of the possible vote came out.

There were 23 blanks.

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