Chelsea, Boston Harbor and LNG

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino does not want to allow tankers from Yemen carrying enormous amounts of LNG to pass through Boston Harbor on its way to a dockage in Everett.

City Manager Jay Ash has joined Mayor Menino, the belief being that Homeland Security and all relevant anti-terrorism agencies including the FBI need to certify the crews on board the Yemeni tankers in order to make their way into Boston Harbor much safer than it is today.

Presently, the tankers come and go into and out of Boston Harbor unimpeded by security checks or advanced anti-terrorist measures.

Mayor Menino and City Manager Ash believe this is a mistake.

We agree.

Interestingly enough, senate candidate Tim Flaherty calls the Yemeni tankers coming into Boston Harbor, a danger for the Greater Boston area.

In a press release dated January 13, Flaherty said: “Without a top to bottom review, these shipments represent an unacceptable risk for residents of neighboring communities, including Boston, Revere, Chelsea, Everett and Winthrop.”

We agree.

It will take one mistake, one overlooked important moment for the entire area to become the victim of incineration at the hands of Yemeni terrorist, shipmates who are terrorists or terrorists intent on disabling and setting afire the ship inside the harbor.

Speaker Robert DeLeo also shares deep concerns about these shipments of LNG.

With everyone working together, perhaps these deliveries, which should be delayed, can be made safer.

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