Ashley Rodriguez

There are some kids growing up in this city who are winners from the time they are very young and who will always rise to the top of whatever it is they are seeking for themselves.

Such a young woman is Ashley Rodriguez – a singer, a dancer and artist who grew up here in modest circumstances but who is going to Hollywood as a result of her performance on American Idol recently.

At Chelsea High School, Ashley was a superstar performer, a singer ith a powerful, melodic voice and a dancer and artist with all the difficult moves mastered.

It is hardly a surprise to those of us who have watched her on the way up to find out she will likely be dancing and singing with the stars.

Those of us who watched Simon Cowell Tuesday night tell the United States viewing audience – which runs into the tens of millions – that Ashley was the best he had auditioned were nearly brought to tears.

One cannot imagine the great deal of pride one feels for a Chelsea girl, studying music at the Berkeley College, when she wows the critical mass at the very top of the industry.

She was beautiful as a high school student. She is a gorgeous young woman as a budding musical star.

We wish her the best – and we pray for her – and we take pride that she is from Chelsea.

Good luck Ashley Rodriguez.

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