The Chelsea Housing Authority an example of excellence

It used to be, and it was not so long ago, when the Chelsea Housing Authority was riddled with ineptness and incompetence and saturated by the worst kind of political influence and nepotism.

Not so today, and not so for many years already.

Under the management of Executive Director Mike McLaughlin, the CHA has reached new heights – and now adding to that situation is an announcement from the Department of Housing and Urban Development that the CHA is to receive $445,000 to make improvements at the Scrivano, Mace and Margolis Apartments which are to include energy audit recommendations such as water-saving and lighting improvements, window replacement, plumbing and electrical upgrades, as well as entry door replacements.

This grant is a tribute to McLaughlins hard work, and the hard and intelligent work of many others in the CHA.

Today’s CHA is shining example of what a housing authority should be.

Congrats to the CHA on this fabulous grant.