Developer Presents Plans for Beacham Street Gas Station

A plan to build a 24-hour gas station with a convenience store on Beacham Street has the support of several city councilors.

The developers of the gas station at 410 Beacham St., which proposes six dispensers, including two designed to service larger trucks, were before the Zoning Board of Appeals on Tuesday night.

The proposal will be before the planning board later this month for a recommendation on a special permit and variances before coming back to the ZBA in July for a potential final approval.

“The plan has changed somewhat and is a little more modest than what was originally submitted to the board,” said attorney David Mindlin, representing the applicant.

The original plan called for a cafe and second-floor office space, but those portions of the plan have been removed.

“This was a former gas station and repair shop, a non-conforming use,” said Mindlin. “It closed down and they removed all the fixtures, tanks, and cleaned the site. The petitioner wishes at this point to re-establish a new, state-of-the-art gas station on the lot.”

Mindlin noted that there is some confusion on the number of parking spots needed for the proposal. The planning department originally determined 29 spots were required, however, with the change in plans, Mindlin said that number is likely significantly lower. The proposal includes 10 parking spaces on the site.

Robert Fidel, the owner of the property, said he would like the gas station to be open 24 hours per day in order to service the larger trucks in the industrial area that are moving in and out early in the morning. He added that the convenience store would likely close at 10 p.m., and there would be a window open for those getting gas in the overnight hours.

Mindlin noted that Fidel has extensive experience in his field, owning approximately 14 other gas stations.

“He is experienced and knows how to modify the business to the area, and he is very good at what he does,” said Mindlin.

Councilors Leo Robinson and Todd Taylor both spoke in favor of the proposal, noting that the council recently revised an ordinance that now allows convenience stores at city gas stations.

“I think this will be a great fit for the city of Chelsea,” said Robinson.

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