Vintage Vibes

By Tracy Nowicki Director of Elder Services

The Organizational Mastery of Our Team….

I’m curious if all of you fully understand the driving force behind Chelsea Elder Services. Allow me to shed light on it, as it’s time to reveal the secret.  Picture this: a diverse ensemble of six individuals, each with their own distinct quirks, duties, and flair.  Let me introduce you to this dy-namic cast: the admirable, the entertaining, and the wonderfully eccentric!

First up in the spotlight is none other than Nilsa Cosme.  She is the friendly face at our front desk, the one who greets you with a smile brighter than the sun.  Nilsa knows our members so well; she’ll have their rides scheduled, their program slots booked, and their next move predicted before they even open their mouths.  She’s like a ninja of niceness, quietly efficient and always armed with the catchphrase, “I can do it!”  Trust me, she’s an MVP of juggling tasks.

Next up is our one and only Deb Connors, secretary to the stars!  And that’s exactly how she makes our seniors feel.  Not only is she our trusty extra set of hands and eyes, making us wonder how we ever managed without her… her wit, charm, and energy is enough to power a small city, she’s like the Pied Piper of the senior center, leading our seniors back for more fun and laughs.  Who needs a marketing team when you’ve got Deb Connors, the reigning queen of promo-tion, and she doesn’t even realize it!

Behold the legendary Advocate to the Seniors, Geraldine Portillo!  She’s the whisperer of services, the wizard of Medicare/Medicaid/Masshealth, and the guru of state and federal benefit programs; you name it, she’s mastered it.  Amidst the chaos of people clamoring for her attention, Geraldine somehow pulls off the impossible: keeping us all in harmony with the finesse of a dip-lomat and the patience of a saint. 

Meet Michael DeJesus, our Program Coordinator, affectionately known as the baby of the bunch.  Despite his tender age, he wields the wisdom of an elder statesman.  With a heart as big as his ambitions and a sense of humor to match, he’s our golden son when it comes to getting things done.  Mikey’s charm is contagious wherever he goes.  And when it comes to dreaming up fun and exciting ideas, he’s the first to dive headfirst into the pool of the unthinkable.  Thanks to him, our center is a daily festival of fun programs and quirky adventures!

Last but definitely not least, let me introduce you to our superhero of cleanliness, Juan Ra-mos!  Not only does he take pride in rolling out the red carpet for our seniors, but he’s also the guardian angel of safety around here.  No mess is safe from Juan’s eagle eye and mop-wielding skills.  With a work ethic so strong, he’s on a mission to make our center sparkle like a diamond in a dishwasher.  He’s not just Juan Ramos, he’s our very own “Mr. Clean” in the flesh!

And finally… there’s Me.  Proudly celebrating our unique traits and showcasing how we blend together effortlessly, often coining the phrase “what happens at the senior center, stays at the senior center” always in good humor, of course!  If you haven’t already, stop in to meet the “senior center six”.  We are located at 10 Riley Way (across from city hall, behind the fire station).

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