Lucia Henriquez Announces Her Candidacy for School Committee

Lucia Henriquez has announced her candidacy for School Committee in District 7. The following is her statement:

“My name is Lucia Henriquez, a long time Chelsea resident and mother of two daughters who graduated from Chelsea High School. I am running for School Committee in District 7 and there is a preliminary election for my district on Tuesday, September 26th at the Williams School.

Lucia Henriquez.

Currently, I am working as a financial coach at The Neighborhood Developers; I have worked in this capacity for 8 years. The City of Chelsea welcomed me 44 years ago when I arrived from Honduras and I am very grateful for what I have been able to accomplish during my decades here. My experience in the community as a case manager working with youth at ROCA helped me better understand the barriers young mothers face as they try to navigate the educational system. I am proud to say that I was able to motivate them to pursue their educational dreams.

I worked as a community organizer at the Chelsea Collaborative for 6 years, organizing for workers’ rights, housing issues and access to childcare. I also educated the community in the importance of civic participation and the right to vote in local elections. Therefore, I believe in the saying “Your Vote is Your Voice”. There are many issues in the community right now that affect you as a voter. The more you are involved in the community the more knowledge you will acquire; this will help your voice be heard!

During the years of the pandemic crisis, Chelsea was one of the cities most impacted. I saw how our city came together to support and help not only our residents, but the residents of surrounding cities who were in need of food, housing, jobs and legal assistance. I saw Chelsea organizations doing a tremendous amount of work. I vow to continue to work and advocate for high quality services for Chelsea families and their children.

Chelsea Public Schools is a school system that welcomes and educates all students and families. I support these endeavors with all of my heart.

As a School Committee member my goals are:

        •           To continue being a voice for our students and their families.

        •           To advocate for the academic success of all students.

        •           To retain high quality staff.

        •           To ensure that professional development is mindful of the needs of a diverse population.

        •           To ensure fiscal responsibility and accountability on the part of Chelsea Public Schools. 

        •           To assist the district as it strives to become the best urban school system in Massachusetts.

Please cast your vote for me on Tuesday, September 26th at the Williams Middle School Complex, 175 Arlington St. in Chelsea from 7am to 8pm. In-person early voting for this preliminary election begins Saturday, September 16 from 9am to 5pm in the City Clerk’s office and continues Monday, September 18 through Friday, September 22 during normal hours at Chelsea City Hall.

I thank you in advance for your trust as I aspire to represent you and your family as a member of the Chelsea School Committee.”

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