Crossing Guard Recognized for Exemplary Service

School crossing guards don’t usually get the recognition they deserve for being out in all weather making sure students make it safely to and from school on the busy city streets.

But at last week’s meeting, the School Committee presented a certificate of appreciation to Paul Cameron for his service as a crossing guard.

Crossing Guard Supervisor Kim Geraci, Crossing guard Paul Cameron, and School Committee Chair Kelly Garcia.

The honor stemmed from a letter Superintendent of Schools Dr. Almi Abeyta said she received in January. Abeyta said the honor reflects upon all the district’s crossing guards and its transportation team.

“Sometimes we get negative news and don’t always get the positive, and this was a really sweet letter honoring one of our crossing guards, Paul Cameron,” Abeyta said.

The letter, from a Jones Avenue resident, said they take a left onto Sagamore and then a right onto Garfield Street to get onto the bridge to get to work every morning.

“As there is traffic most mornings, I had the time to observe one of the city’s crossing guards, Paul Cameron, and he has three crosswalks to monitor on rainy, snowy, icy sidewalks, in downpour, and in the heat,” Abeyta stated, reading from the letter. “He gets yelled at by people who are in such a hurry, they forget to slow down.”

Cameron is always ready to jump out to slow down or stop traffic and guide students and adults across the street.

“I’ve witnessed him guide a scared child across the street,” the letter stated. “In a time when most people are apt to criticize rather than compliment, I feel it is important to let someone know when they are doing a great job. Paul is a valuable part of our community, and I am so thankful for everything he does.”

Abeyta said the letter represents work done by all the crossing guards.

“We love all of our crossing guards,” she said. “The letter was so touching, we just wanted to say thank you publicly.”

School Committee Chair Kelly Garcia thanked Cameron for his work.

“Thank you, Paul, and all of the crossing guards in our city who work to keep our students safe and sound,” Garcia said.

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