Captain Houghton the Pick As Next Police Chief

Long-time Chelsea Police Captain Keith Houghton will be the department’s next chief.

City Manager Thomas Ambrosino said Houghton will take over from current Police Chief Brian Kyes upon Kyes retirement when he is officially appointed the U.S. Marshal from Massachusetts.

Captain Keith Houghton.

Kyes appointment is currently waiting for approval in the U.S. Senate, according to Ambrosino.

“The timing is uncertain,” said Ambrosino. “It could happen any day, or it could be next month.”

Until the date of the marshal appointment and Kyes’ retirement is official, Ambrosino said Houghton will be working alongside Kyes.

“Captain Houghton is a well-respected officer who has a lot of support in the community,” said Ambrosino. “He has a good relationship with a lot of community agencies, which is important to me.”

Houghton also places a priority on community policing, which the city manager said is a top priority in Chelsea, adding he is a good listener and collaborator.

Houghton was one of three Chelsea police captains who applied for the top position in the department.

Ambrosino said any of the finalists would have made a great police chief.

“Chelsea is blessed with really good support officers in its ranks, especially with the captains,” Ambrosino said.

Houghton said he would like to wait for Kyes to be officially appointed as U.S. Marshal and the transition to his new position to be complete before making any public comment on his selection as Chelsea’s next chief.

Kyes has been with the Chelsea Police Department since 1987 and served as police chief since 2007. He also currently serves as the President of the Massachusetts Major City Police Chiefs Association.

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