Taste of Chelsea Sept. 19

The annual Taste of Chelsea will be on Monday, Sept. 19 from 5 to 8 pm at 99 Marginal Street, Chelsea. The event is co-hosted by HarborCOV and the Chelsea Chamber of Commerce. The highly visible and popular Taste of Chelsea has traditionally brought together corporate and local sponsors, area food and beverage vendors, volunteers, survivors and more than 500 ticket holders each year. The pandemic’s impact was severe on our communities, especially on survivors’ isolation, stress, financial instability and even fewer options for safety. Over the last year, HarborCOV has provided financial assistance for a range of pandemic-related costs like hotels, housing, food, medication and technology for hundreds of families to keep them as safe, healthy and connected as possible. Our local restaurants, which have so generously donated their food, staff time and operational costs to the Taste of Chelsea over the last 19 years, are also still working hard for their own survival and recovery from the pandemic. Purchase tickets on line, visit https://harborcov.org/tasteofchelsea/about or call 617-884-9799.

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