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Supports Judith Garcia

Dear Editor,

Experience. Lived Experience. To be a truly effective, and compassionate leader, having experience, and lived experience, is essential. The combination of having spent time doing something, understanding how it works and how to get things done—along with a unique life journey that makes you truly, deeply understand issues at a personal level—is what sets Judith Garcia apart in this race for state representative and defines her as a leader. Judith’s dedication and passion for public service come from a place of real empathy, not just talking about, but actually walking in the shoes of the constituents she aims to more powerfully represent. Her drive to become a State Representative is built on her extensive experience as a Chelsea city councilor, and a proven track record of action, and accomplishments. Experience, and lived experience.

As a first-generation Latino physician who grew up experiencing many of the challenges our communities face today, I understand the importance of experience and lived experience. They are few of us locally, and even nationally, who can bring this combination together, and it drives us to make a difference in our communities and deliver results for our patients. This is the work I have dedicated my career to and was able to do in partnership with so many—including Judith—during the COVID pandemic, in communities like Chelsea and Everett. This is why I understand her so well, why I support her, and why I hope you will too.  

As a Latina, she knows what it’s like to have to overcome obstacles that many of her peers have never faced. And as a Chelsea city councilor, she has made it her mission to empower her community, like when she fought for simultaneous translation of city council meetings so that Spanish-speaking residents could truly have access to their local government. 

There are many ways in which our elected leaders – especially on a local and state level – directly impact our lives: they can advocate for safer and more extensive public transportation that can decrease the pollution that gives Chelsea some of MA’s highest asthma rates; they can advocate for a better educational system, and after-school programs that keep kids in school and off the streets; they can support efforts that secure the safety and health of working people. These are the types of issues Judith aims to tackle, and she is driven to tackle them because she lived them and knows we can do better. She has already demonstrated she can help us do better, and she has earned the larger responsibility of bringing her experience—and lived experience—to the State House. Let’s make that a reality.

Joseph R. Betancourt, MD, MPH

Senior Vice President, Equity and Community Health

Massachusetts General Hospital

Supports Leo Robinson

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter to support and endorse Leo Robinson for State Representative not

because he’s a friend, but because of all he has done for the City of Chelsea.

I had the pleasure of working with Leo on the Chelsea City Council for six years and come to know how one man can be so committed to the city and its people.

It is important that residents choose someone like Leo who has been around for years who knows the city well who has more knowledge of the city who has been around during the Chelsea fires, and then bringing the city out of receivership to where it is today.

I keep hearing other candidates talk about education and I know this is a big part of our children’s future.  But what about other issues that are affecting the future of our city.

We need a candidate like Leo Robinson that has the knowledge of issues confronting our cities along with the understanding of how city government works.

Leo’s experience is without a doubt flawless.

Leo puts in so much time as a current City Councilor who starts his day off by going and spending time in city hall, meeting with the city manager and then going out to the streets to meet Greet and conduct business with the residents and people of Chelsea.

The City of Chelsea and Everett need Leo Robinson

I know when I go to the polls in September, I will cast my vote for a man who cares more about us and the city than anyone I know.

I hope you do the same.

Joe Perlatonda

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