MAB Community Services Honors Chelsea Resident Oscar Hernandez

MAB Community Services (MAB) has just honored 11 of the best direct care staff in the Adult Disability Services division with Maxo Joseph Excellence in Direct Care Awards. Chelsea resident Oscar Hernandez, who has served as a MAB Residential Counselor since 2013, received a Maxo Joseph Award and one of two $10,000 cash awards for his outstanding care for men with brain injuries, neurological problems, and autism spectrum disorders.

These awards are part of MAB’s efforts to create a welcoming and supportive work environment. Nominated by coworkers, supervisors, and the families of the people they support, 11 team members are annually recognized at a special luncheon and receive a total of $50,000 in awards. 

Jonathan Aiya, who manages MAB’s Woodcliff Avenue residence in Brookline, proudly presented Oscar with his award. “If I talk about Oscar, we might be here for another week. He pours his heart into everything he does. He makes the [participants] so happy.”

Oscar takes the participants at Woodcliff Avenue for walks, to ball games, and to church. He drives one to visit his mother, another to work at Trader Joe’s, a third to activities in Boston, while a fourth regularly walks with Oscar. He is totally responsible, never late, and works additional shifts as needed.

The Maxo Joseph Awards were created to honor the life and legacy of Maxo Joseph, a direct care team member in Adult Disability Services for nearly 20 years, who died from COVID-19. Maxo loved his work. He knew it was important, and he was an ideal residential counselor. When he wasn’t at work, he and his family members cared for his 83-year-old mom.

Jay Lupica made a transformative matching grant through the Patricia W. and Alfred E. Farah Charitable Gift Fund to launch the Maxo Joseph Awards. During this month’s Maxo Joseph Awards ceremony, Jay pledged an additional $100,000 dollar-for-dollar matching grant for the Maxo Joseph Awards, supporting MAB’s efforts to recruit, retain, and reward exceptional staff.

“We are thrilled to recognize our best staff with the Maxo Joseph Awards, for the excellent care and dedication they provide our participants,” said Barbara Salisbury, CEO of MAB Community Services, and longtime Chelsea resident. “Direct care is at the heart of all that MAB does. The quality of our work depends on the quality of our direct care staff. Creating a work environment where staff feel valued, respected, and appreciated builds loyalty.”  

MAB Community Services (MAB) specializes in creating opportunities and transforming the lives of individuals with a range of disabilities by providing the support necessary so everyone can live a full and satisfying life. Since 1903, MAB has provided an array of services that enable individuals, regardless of their disabilities, to be active participants in their lives and communities.

Adult Disability Services provides residential supports, community living supports, transitional assistance, occupational therapy, and vocational services for individuals with developmental disabilities, brain injuries, and other disabilities throughout Greater Boston, Southeast Boston, and Central Massachusetts. The division operates 29 residential homes, a community-based day center, and annually supports more than 300 people who live as independently as possible in their communities.

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