Roberto Jiménez-Rivera First to Qualify for the Ballot in New Chelsea-Everett State Representative District

Chelsea School Committee member Roberto Jiménez-Rivera announced Friday that he has qualified for the ballot in this year’s election for State Representative. “I’m excited to be the first candidate to get on the ballot in this race, which is a huge milestone for our campaign,” said Mr. Jiménez-Rivera. “People are enthusiastic about our new district, and I’ve been having great conversations with our neighbors.”

After being split into two districts for decades, Chelsea was brought together in a brand-new district through the decennial redistricting process. Because the Census count for Chelsea was not enough for a Chelsea-only district, the district also includes one precinct from Everett. Everett, after having only one State Representative for many years, was split into three districts because it had too much population for one district..

“Chelsea and Everett deserve a State Rep who will not only lift our voices, but organize to get things done,” said Mr. Jiménez-Rivera. “Our cities face many of the same challenges, and I believe regional solutions will be better in the long run. That’s why I organized with leaders from both cities to ensure that we received the millions of dollars that our students were promised. We have to keep working together to improve our schools, to prevent our residents from being pushed out, and to protect people from the harm caused by corporate polluters and climate change. In the next few months, I believe the residents of Everett will see in me the tireless advocate that I have been for Chelsea.”

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