Petal Joseph-Seale Opens Lime Restaurant in Chelsea

Chef-owner Petal Joseph-Seale, a resident of Chelsea, has opened Lime, a new restaurant, at 73 Winnisimmet St.

Petal studied in the culinary program at world renowned Johnson and Wales University and brings many years of experience in the food industry to her exciting venture. Lime is situated in the former location of the Winnisimmet Lounge.

Asked to describe the restaurant, Petal said, “What Lime means is to come with your family and friends to eat and drink and have a good time.”

Petal, who is originally from the Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago, said Lime will serve international fusion cuisine.

“I take ingredients, seasonings, and flavors from Asia (China, Japan, Korea, India) and I meld it and combine it with flavors from North Africa and the Mediterranean,” said Petal.

The talented chef previously owned a sandwich shop in Watertown and has worked as a consultant in the food industry. She was the director of outlets at the Park Plaza, serving as manager of the hotel restaurants and room service.

Petal is hoping that her many neighbors and friends in Chelsea will visit her restaurant and enjoy a night of fantastic dining and socializing.

“I love Chelsea,” said Petal. “When I first came to Chelsea, I remember going to this popular restaurant on Broadway called Curley’s. That’s when the dream began to open my own restaurant in the city.”

Petal also said she’s looking for staff “to join us and to grow with us.”

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