PCSS Partners With the Spark and Stitch Institute on Series of Seminars for Parents

The Pioneer Charter School, a K-12 system with campuses in Everett and Saugus is offering a series of webinars for parents geared toward helping students navigate the unique challenges of coming of age during a pandemic. 

The series of webinars focus on topics including; screen time and mental health, boundaries and the teenage brain and building resilience and managing stress. The webinars are run by Spark and Stitch Institute, which was founded by Dr. David Walsh and his daughter Erin. Walsh is also the founder of the National Institute of Media and Family. 

Two webinars have already been held focused on managing children’s stress levels and maximizing the benefits and minimizing the harm of screen time. There are two more webinars left this year on February 17th “Three Common Beliefs About Your Teenager That Can Derail Your Relationship (And What To Do  Instead)”  and “Let’s Get Started: Disrupting Bias in Children and Youth” on March 22. 

“The pandemic has made adolescence a more difficult time to navigate than ever before and parents, teachers and students need every resource possible to help them through this unprecedented time,” said Barish Icin, CEO of Pioneer Charter School of Science. “The skills learned in these webinars, such as resilience, stress management and conflict resolution, are invaluable and we are thrilled to bring them into our students’ homes.”

For additional information about the webinars or the Pioneer Charter School of Science please visit https://pioneercss.org/.

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