Councilor Judith García Tapped by the Office of vice President Kamala Harris to Deepen Bilateral Relations With Honduras

Special to the Record

City Councilor Judith García was tapped by the Office of Vice President Kamala Harris to be  among ten other national Honduran-American leaders to share ideas and priorities in preparation for the Vice President’s visit to Honduras. 

Vice President Kamala Harris has been leading the Administration’s diplomatic efforts to address the root causes of migration from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. 

She has worked with bilateral, multilateral, and private sector partners, as well as civil society leaders to help address regional challenges.

This week  Vice President Harris traveled to attend the inauguration of President-elect Xiomara Castro.  The Vice President’s visit will further the commitment she and President-elect Castro made to deepen the partnership between the United States and Honduras.

In advance of the Vice President’s trip, her national security team reached  out to Honduran-American leaders across the country to hear ideas and concerns as the Administration continues to build its partnership with Honduras in a closed press event. 

“I am honored to be a part of this important bilateral conversation by joining forces with the administration of Vice President Harris and other United States Honduran leaders. As a councilor in one of the states that is home to thousands of Hondurans it is important to address the needs of the Hondurans who reside here,” said Councilor García. 

Councilor García is excited to continue to work in collaboration with the Office of the Vice President in strengthening these relationships especially since she has worked closely with local leaders in Chelsea, like Margarita Franco, to help inaugurate the first Consulate of Honduras in Chelsea, MA located at 90 Everett Ave. 

“The new administration of President-elect Xiomara Castro brings with it a lot of hope for the Honduran community and I hope that we can achieve many milestones in our bilateral relations.”

Councilor García expects to continue this ongoing dialogue in the years to come.

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