Chelsea Poetry Walk a Huge Success in Inaugural Event

Who knew that Jay Velez was a gifted poet?

Now all of Chelsea knows, thanks to the first-ever Chelsea Poetry Walk led by Lorenzo Recupero, who gave Chelsea poets and writers an impressive public showcase along the Chelsea Walk path on a hot, August day.

Velez’s clever, uplifting poem was a variation of the “Knock Knock” joke rhythm and his delivery was superb, truly one of the highlights of the program. Velez, the husband of School Committee member Jeanette Velez, is reportedly compiling his creative poems for a future book.

During the half-hour program, local poets, from ages 13 to 91, delivered their poems to an appreciative audience. Sheldon Young, a poet and a songwriter, drew a warm response for his poem, “Chelsea.”

Harvard attorney Joseph Resnek’s “Admiral’s Hill” brought to light the fact that former President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was a patient at the Chelsea Naval Hospital following World War II. JFK was a graduate of Harvard College.

Dana Zoe Gest held the audience’s rapt attention with her excellent work, “Surround.”

Recupero, who co-organized the event with his former teacher, Carol Resnek, was energized by the tremendous response to the inaugural Chelsea Poetry Walk.

“I’m very grateful for all the residents and councillors that came out in support,” said Recupero. “It really was a special day for the community. With this poetry event, I truly believe we have found a transgenerational method of communicating, relating, and ultimately building community in Chelsea at a time when we needed it most. I’m super excited to have been part of the experience, along with everyone else.”

Recupero is hopeful that the Chelsea Poetry Walk can become an annual event in the community.

(The poems from Chelsea Poetry Walk are on display at various businesses in the downtown Broadway district).

Chelsea Is….

On Saturday, August 7th, people gathered for the first “Chelsea Poetry Walk.” ÊPoets aged 13 to 91, stood at a podium and read their poems out loud. ÊAfter the sharing of poems, everyone was given a little slip of paper and asked to fill in the blank “CHELSEA IS.” ÊHere is what they said. Maybe you too will want to fill in the blank. ÊWhat is your IS?

Chelsea is the best part of me and my family;

My home now and forever whether I am here or not. 

Chelsea is the joy of community, times shared, great teachers and students,

My home; inspiring all of us to do better.

Chelsea is the sea bringing flavored people from all cultures;

Vibrant, sweet; a bubbling pot, cooking up a meal for everyone,

Chelsea is a place so wonderful,

Like ice cream on a hot summer day. 

Chelsea is a slice of heaven!  What everyone seems to miss.

Always great, cheerful, and everlasting forever and ever.

Chelsea is a place of memories and remnants of people,

Of wood, brick, history; ever evolving community. 

Chelsea is a place where everyone is accepted and welcomed,

Where we get tested and reborn.

Chelsea is where the years pass by, where blessings abound,

A place I’ll always remember.

Chelsea is magical and mysterious.

It is my heritage; a place where I can breathe;

Pretty like a flower; forever in bloom.

A place I never planned to come and cannot leave. 

Chelsea is home.

Chelsea is pride,

Chelsea is forever,

Chelsea is ………..

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