Letter to the Editor

Vote for Maria Belen

To the Editor:

For the 15 years that I visited my family in Chelsea I never imagined I’d find such a great apartment to rent. And up here in District 8 with a view of Market Basket and the Creek.

And now with the opportunity to vote for a representative on the City Council with whom I share values. Right here in District 8.

I am a retired public school teacher, writer and a language interpreter. My family, my work and my life has been with the people that Maria Belen Power represents.  She is someone who could speak for me, someone who would listen to my concerns. I know this because she already has.

Since coming to Chelsea in 2015 I’ve been a volunteer at the Chelsea Community Connections, at Chelsea Opportunity Academy and, at GreenRoots. I walk on Wednesday with the Wednesday Walkers and find courage everywhere I look here in Chelsea.

In many of these places I see Maria Belen. I see her with her two daughters.  As a mother and grandmother myself I see the pleasure and the work in that role. It forms us and gives us a perspective.

 Maria Belen knows the life of the City, she respects the residents and she has a willingness to work hard for us all.

Now this doesn’t mean her opponent doesn’t have these qualities. I just don’t know. For the years I’ve been here my path has not crossed with that of Calvin Brown.

So I will go with someone I know will be for me, right in the mix of what is happening. I encourage my neighbors to vote for Maria Belen. I don’t think that anyone will be sorry.

Stacy Amaral

Boatswains Way

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