School Updates

District Updates

•Chelsea Public Schools participated in the City’s Memorial Day Ceremony on Monday, May 31. Superintendent Abeyta introduced 6th Grade Browne Middle school student Juny Roche who read an original poem regarding Memorial Day, and 4th graders from our elementary schools who recited their school’s Veteran Bios.  

•The Chelsea REACH Program attended a poetry writing workshop to honor Juneteenth with their words. Right after the REACH students logged on virtually with Virtual Voices for an Open Mic. Virtual voices is a teen writers network hosting youth groups from across the state and Atlanta. REACH strives in allowing expression through words, art, and music.

Early Learning Center Updates

•Ms. Silva, Ms. Portillo and her class cleaned out the garden at the ELC and planted spring flowers. 

•After nine months of being on Zoom, Room 345 got together for a playdate at Quigley Park. A big thank you to the Chelsea Police who surprised the students with an ice cream.

Kelly School Updates

•Kelly School 1st graders have been learning how to collect data through surveys and represent information using graphs and pictograms. Students polled their classmates and teachers Jess Crane and Carrie Anderson about their favorite dessert treats.

•Kelly School 6th grade Caminos Scholars are reading Devolver al Remitente (Return to Sender) by Julia Alvarez, and taking advantage of the beautiful weather to enjoy a socially distant text-based discussion outdoors with Maestra Saraé Ramos.

Sokolowski School Updates

•The students in Ms. Yi and Ms. Rossi’s class met up again with their Learning Buddies for some outdoor reading. This time, the 1st graders brought books to read to the 3rd graders too.

•The students in 301 have been following the life cycle of a butterfly. Each student started with their own caterpillar and watched it eat, grow, transform into a chrysalis and finally a butterfly. This week, the 301 students said a bittersweet goodbye to their butterflies as they released them into nature.

Chelsea High School Updates

•CHS kicked off PRIDE month with a community breakfast for LGBTQ+ staff and allies/co

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