Power of Recovery Opens in Revere

City and state officials joined the Powers brothers for the grand opening of a brand-new addiction and recovery treatment center in the Citizens Bank building on Broadway Tuesday.

Matty Powers is the CEO of the Power of Recovery company that will run the center which treats individuals with addictions.

From left to right, Kelly Mahoney, Ann Baker, Judy, Margherita, Dennis, Stephen, Matty and Stephen Powers, with nephew, Sean Mahoney.

“It’s a PHP/IOP (Partial Hospitalization Program/Intensive Outpatient Program),” explained Powers. “Patients will receive their treatments from licensed clinicians during five-hour sessions.”

The center has been entirely renovated into a state-of-the-art facility that consists of group rooms which have movie theater-style seating.

Powers, who is a recovering addict, is proud of his current project and the positive impact it will have patients and their families.

“I have 11 years clean,” said Powers, whose family is well known in Chelsea where his father, Stephen, was a popular ward alderman. “I was addicted to heroin, oxycontin, cocaine, alcohol – you name it, I had it.”

Powers said he “found a way out” and that’s what inspired him to build ten sober houses – called “Chelsea’s House’ – in Chelsea, Lynn, East Boston, and Malden.

Power of Recovery company is a new business. While Matty, 42, is the chief executive officer, his brothers, Stephen, 51, and Dennis, 41 are co-owners. Damon Weinberg is one of the general managers along with general manager Stephen Perez. His niece, Margherita Powers, is the program director while the clinical director is Jennifer Burns working closely with Richard Evans and Kevin Caprio.

“And my father is the driving force behind all the sober houses,” said Matty pridefully. “He maintains the houses beautifully every day and brings joys to residents.”

Matty speaks openly about why sober houses and his new-concept recovery centers are so important to him.

“Twelve years ago I was homeless and living outside,” said Matty. “Today I feel great and I’m happy to helping others on their road to recovery.”

He said the center will adhere to strict COVID-19 social distancing guidelines. Tours of the facility are available by appointment.

“The site has been totally remodeled and it looks beautiful,” said Powers, who is becoming widely known for his generosity in “giving back” to his community.

Next door in his native Chelsea, they’re very proud of Matty Powers and no doubt wish him the best in his new endeavor, Power of Recovery.

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