School Updates

District Updates

•Dr. Almi Abeyta and Dr. Aaron Jennings are working with professors from local universities, Harvard Graduate School of Education and Boston College, on planning for supporting students when they return.

•Chelsea Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) will hold a meeting on Thursday, March 25, at 6 p.m. online. During the meeting, they will welcome Laura Perez from Mass Advocates for Children. She will present, ‘Understanding the IEP.’

Early Learning Center

•Mrs. Faiella and Miss Maria’s Pre-Kindergarten class are learning about colors.  The class did a color experiment with Skittles and warm water. Taste the rainbow.

Berkowitz School Updates

•Ms. Cabigting’s 2nd Grade Class from the Berkowitz have been learning about amazing women in history. These are a few of their drawings this week. Amelia Earhart and Frida Kahlo and one of her animalitos, the Spider Monkey.  Their class also meets up Saturday mornings for those who earned points during the school week. They have been meeting up to play “Among Us” together since January.

Hook School Updates

•Mrs. Delvaux’s second grade class had the opportunity to interview Principal Clark as part of our interview writing unit. The class learned so much about Principal Clark and about what it takes to become a principal. The students were excellent interviewers and asked great, specific questions.

•Here is an update for the 1st Annual Hooks/Sokolowski Olympic Challenge. Students at the Hooks and Sokolowski Schools have been competing during Physical Education class with Miss Drake and Ms. Stewart! Event #2, the gold medal went to the Hooks School. Both PE teachers are so proud of the hard work all the student athletes are putting in. 

•Students in Ms. McGuire’s 4th grade class are working on poetry in Read Together. The students listen to/read a poem by Kid President and then write their own poem using the repeating line “keep going.” To get kids thinking about what they wanted to write about, teachers asked them what emotions they felt while listening/reading, and what the phrase “keep going” reminded them of. They posted their ideas to Jamboard and also starred the ideas they agreed with. They were willing to put their ideas out there and also they supported each other’s ideas.

Morris H. Seigal Clark Ave.Ê Updates

•The Clark Avenue Community engaged in their first One School One Book Read Aloud. Every homeroom read and discussed the book Carl and the Meaning of Life by Deborah Freedman. It was a wonderful celebration of reading community and a great opportunity for students to engage in reflective discussions about their own interpretations of the meaning of life. 

•Students in Ms. Crowley’s after school Science program put their STEM engineering skills into practice, as they designed and tested popsicle stick catapults. Students experimented with changing the incline of the catapult to get the best projectile possible, using a Marshmallow Peep as the “pilot.” Each week, the Science program explores a new area of STEM or chemical reactions. 

Chelsea High School

•Virtual Family Teacher Conferences will be on Thursday, March 25. Join on Zoom any time between 5-7 p.m. Parents will have the opportunity to talk individually to their student’s teacher on Zoom. You might have to be in a virtual waiting room before talking to the teacher. Teachers will send out links to their students. For help, go to

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