School Updates

Early Learning Center Updates

•Diane Loycano’s Grade 1 class was named a MVP classroom in the:

3rd Annual Imagine Literacy Bowl contest. Her classroom averaged 240+ minutes working on Imagine Language & Literacy during the competition and Imagine Learning awarded her class a $50 gift card to celebrate this awesome accomplishment. This is actually the second time Mrs. Loycano’s class was recognized by Imagine Learning. The first time was early in December when the class won the National Imagine Learning Ready, Set … READ! Contest. They earned a $50 Amazon Card for that contest as well. 

•Ms. Anna and Ms. Marilyn’s  Kindergarten class drew a picture of the Cat in the Hat to celebrate Dr. Seuss this week.

•Room 345 celebrated Dr. Seuss Week by taking their picture and turning them into their favorite character.

•Mrs. Faiella and Miss Maria’s class have been learning about colors. The class made its favorite ice cream with different colored paper scoops of ice cream.  The class also made a rainbow out of fruit loops, a pipe cleaner and marshmallows.

Hook School Updates

•First graders in Ms. Johnson’s class are learning about opinion writing. They have entered the planning stage and are working very hard to come up with their strong reasons to support their opinion.

•Second grade students at Hooks built some amazing robots last week as part of their off-screen work. Students read a poem called “Robots vs. Humans”. After reading and searching for all the words with long vowels, students got to work designing and creating a robot made from materials they found at home.

Kelly School Updates

•About 20 4th and 5th grade scholars from all four schools in the MCB Complex have been taking ACCESS tests this week. Their focus, hard work, and great job following all the safety and testing protocols have made them ACCESS Stars. Their names — and those of all the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders who will be taking ACCESS in the next two weeks — will be honored on an ACCESS Stars board just off the Community Entrance. 

Big ACCESS shout-out to Alma Pezo, Jody, Klein, Camilo Machado, Yolanda Valles, Johnny Giraldo, Donna Arsenault, and all the other administrators and teachers who are serving as test organizers and administrators to give kids a warm in-person experience so they can show how their English skills have grown.

•Kelly the Dolphin has been among the guest readers helping Kelly students celebrate Read Across America week. Sra. Cusick’s students were surprised and excited to learn that Kelly can read — even in Spanish.

Sokolowski School Updates

•The Hooks School vs Sokolowski School Olympic Games are officially underway. Olympic Games Committee organizers, Hooks and Sokolowski PE teachers, Ms. Drake and Ms. Stewart, have sportsmanship and school pride. The first event is the Coin Flip 200 Meter Dash. Go Sharks, Go!

•This week, many of our 4th grade ELs showed up – literally – to take the ACCESS test. For the first time, in what feels like forever, students entered the building and interacted with teachers in person. There was a lot of excitement when some of our 4th grade newcomers set foot in their school for the first time. HUGE shout-out to all coordinators, volunteers, and liaisons involved for making this happen in a safe and organized manner. 

Morris H. Seigal Clark Ave. Updates

Congratulations! Some 95% of eligible fifth graders at the Clark Ave completed the ACCESS testing this week. The school was excited to welcome some of the fifth grade students to CAMS to complete tests in Reading and Listening. Thank you to Berenice Mace-Diaz, Stacy Ceren, Marlene Garcia and everyone else who helped the process run smoothly and safely. ¡Felicidades!  El 95% de nuestros estudiantes de quinto grado elegibles completaron las pruebas ACCESS esta semana. Estamos entusiasmados de dar la bienvenida a algunos de nuestros estudiantes de quinto grado a CAMS para completar las pruebas de lectura y comprensión auditiva.  ¡Estamos muy orgullosos de nuestros estudiantes y sus esfuerzos hoy! Gracias a Berenice Mace-Diaz, Stacy Ceren, Marlene García y a todos los que ayudaron a que las pruebas se desarrollaran sin problemas y de forma segura.

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