City Hosts Public Forum on Route 1 Housing Enhancements Program: Application Process Begins Nov. 16

Alexander Train, director of Chelsea Housing and Community Development, and Sayou Cooper, project manager, hosted a public forum on the Route 1 Housing Enhancements Program Monday.

The meeting was conducted via a remote Zoom broadcast.

Cooper said at the outset that the meeting would focus on the scope of the Enhancement Program itself, the MassDOT project, and the application process for funding.

“Through his program we strive to improve housing conditions and public health for Chelsea residents,” said Train. “We’re extremely pleased to be launching this program. The Program seeks to improve properties that are adjacent to the Route 1 Corridor.

Chelsea residents who live adjacent or parallel to Route 1 North and Route 1 South, from Beacon Street to Carter Street (10 streets total including Walnut, Arlington, and Chestnut Streets), are eligible for funding through the Enhancement Program.

 The Program will be focused on noise installation, air quality, and interior and exterior renovations.

Train said the application process will be launched on Monday, Nov. 16. The funds ($200,000 has been allocated for the program) will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

“We see this as one of the first housing programs that targets noise and air pollution,” said Train. “So we are confident that this will be a model that we will be able to build off of in the future.”

Tran expects that the city will be able to assist 10-15 housing units in the program.

“This program is only open to owner-occupied properties,” noted Train. “The applicant has to live in the property as the principal resident.”

During the meeting, residents raised concerns about the ongoing state construction project (the replacement of the actual Tobin Bridge structure between Fourth Street and Carter Street) on Route 1. “We’ve relayed those concerns to the state and we’re working on the issues that they identified,” said Train

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