Quality Inn Quarantine Hotel to Close June 9

Citing financial considerations, City Manager Tom Ambrosino said they would close down the quarantine hotel partnership in Revere and begin sending any patients to Everett’s EnVision state-sponsored hotel.

“The last guest will be accepted Wednesday and the hotel will close on June 9,” he said. “Chelsea residents who need isolation will be admitted to the EnVision Hotel in Everett, which is actually closer for most residents here.”

The EnVision Hotel on the Parkway opened about one week after the Chelsea/Revere collaboration at the Quality Inn. However, it was paid for by the state and costs Everett or any other City that uses it nothing. Meanwhile, the Quality Inn has come at a cost of about $1 million for the communities that partnered on it, which includes Lynn now as well.

Both the EnVision and the Quality Inn failed to really ever get full, and Ambrosino said he had wanted to keep the Inn open, but it didn’t make sense given that a cost-free resource was available closer to Chelsea. He said the state was very open to letting Chelsea residents come, and the hotel had ample space with only about 10 people using it and 100 rooms available.

“At the end of the day, it comes down to cost,” he said. “There was plenty of capacity at EnVision. That let us to decide it made no sense to keep two hotels going when neither were at capacity.”

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