Police Briefs 01-02-2020

Monday, 12/02

Pedro Colon,  31, 54 Eastern Ave., Revere, was arrested on a warrant.

Edgar Nerys, 24, 61 Shurtleff St., Chelsea, was arrested for discharge within 500 ft of bldg. of firearm, assault with a dangerous weapon, carrying loaded firearm without license, possessing ammunition without an FID card.

Tuesday, 12/03

Kevin Chinchilla-Mendez, 23, 67 Condor St., East Boston, was arrested for operating motor vehicle with a suspended license and number plate violation.

Wednesday, 12/04

Juvenile Offender, 17, Chelsea, was arrested for malicious destruction of property and assault and battery.

Marcel Barahona, 18, 38 Francis St., Everett, was arrested for possessing large capacity firearm or feeding device, possessing a large capacity firearm and possessing ammunition without an FID card.

Katelyn Surles, 27, 63 Gillolly Rd., Chelsea, was arrested for possessing Class B drug.

Thursday, 12/05

Barry Boubacar, 61, 47 Ridgecrest Terrace, Roslindale, was arrested on warrants.

Santos Canizalez, 19, 155 Pearl St., Chelsea, was arrested for carrying loaded firearm, possessing ammunition without an FID card, assault and battery with a firearm and discharge of firearm within 500 ft. of bldg.

Friday, 12/06

Nigel Pierre, 27, 112 Southampton St., Boston, was arrested for breaking and entering building nighttime for felony and multiple warrants.

Jose Valle, 38, 787 Broadway, Chelsea, was arrested for indecent exposure and ordinance violation.

Saturday, 12/07

Michael Lava, 50, 59 Eagle St., East Boston, was arrested for armed robbery and probation warrant.

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