DA Rollins Announces Endorsement of Council President Damali Vidot

The Committee to elect Damali Vidot is pleased to announce an endorsement from Suffolk County District Attorney, Rachael Rollins. As the first ever female DA in Suffolk County, and first ever woman of color to serve as a Massachusetts DA, Rollins seeks to bring other women and women of color into leadership. As part of her mission to improve relationships between law enforcement and local communities, Rollins is excited to collaborate with Damali as City Councilor in the future.

In a statement to Damali’s campaign, Rollins said, “Chelsea deserves a City Councilor that authentically represents its community. Damali makes space for people of all backgrounds and provides equal representation for everyone. She understands that our government works best when all voices are involved in the decision-making process. Her leadership is transparent. She patiently listens, but urgently pushes for the necessary change. As a mother, Damali advocates for young people and provides mentorship because she believes in our community, current and future. She wants to empower young people, especially young women, and show them that they have a valuable voice that needs to be heard. 

Rollins continued, “True representative government requires electing officials that look like us, talk like us, grew up with us, and understand us. ​I am proud to endorse Damali for her re-election as our At-Large Chelsea City Councilor. And I look forward to our continued partnership and work on behalf of Chelsea.”

Damali understands the importance of these partnerships with the leaders of our community. Her dedication to collaboration and partnerships are best exemplified by the endless support she has received from elected officials at all levels of government.

As Damali best put it, “The support I’ve received, this momentum, and our unified vision for Chelsea will serve as the best path forward for our community. It will ensure I have the strength and platform to amplify the voices of the most marginalized, and disrupt the status quo when needed. I am grateful for the endless support I have received from other elected officials, but I am most indebted to the support I have received from you, the members of our community. I had so much fun at my Kickoff-hearing from my community, dancing with my community, and just being together. Together we will continue on the path forward for our great City.”

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