School Updates


Kelly School staff got outside to learn and play some fun, active recess games during our PD days, thanks to Healthy Chelsea partnership and Playworks! Kids and teachers alike have been having great fun starting to play the Playworks core games at recess this week, with lots more fun to come!

Fourth graders at the Kelly School got a taste of lots of diverse genres during a “book-tasting” during the first week of school! They walked in to discover their classrooms converted into charming cafes, complete with checked tablecloths and a “menu” of book choices! Kids showed a good appetite for new books, and many discovered they like the taste of some genres they had never sampled before, such as historical fiction, fantasy, or graphic novels! Janet Ulwick-Sacca and Debbie Homola, who work with students with visual impairments, ensured that one class’s menu included some books printed with text, photos, and Braille type to explore!

The environmental murals Kelly School first-graders painted last spring will be on display at the Chelsea GreenRoots fundraiser tonight to call attention to ways everyone can help our local environment!



The Sokolowski School was excited to welcome back students and students were excited to be back at school. We are already off to a great year!

Sokolowski School staff members developed their cultural proficiency skills and participated in some team building exercises. We even crowed the first ever Sokolowski School Rock, Paper, Scissor Champion.

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