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Mike Capuano  is our choice

Dear Editor:

Congressman Capuano has a track record for being an outspoken advocate for working families and he will continue to defend social security and Medicare, as well as advocate for affordable housing. Mike has supported Chelsea by delivering funding for the Chelsea Street Bridge, Soldiers Home, FBI building, and the Chelsea Housing Security program for the tenants.


Chelsea City Councillor

Leo Robinson,

Councillor Joseph Perlatonda,

Councillor Roy Avellaneda,

Councillor Giovanni Recupero,

Councillor Luis Tejada

and former Councillor

Paul Nowicki



Open Letter to Chelsea Residents In Support of Ayanna Pressley For Congress

Dear Editor:

For the past eight years, Councilor Ayanna Pressley has served on the Boston City Council. She has had to run every two years to earn the support of the electorate and has done so with sheer grace and with a commitment to residents grounded in community and in partnership.

Her knowledge of the issues that we as residents of Chelsea face is quite clear.

This Tuesday, September 4, we will have a Primary race for this Congressional seat for the first time in more than 18 years. We are grateful Ayanna Pressley has stepped forward with the understanding that these times require more of our leadership not just in Washington D.C., but equally here in Massachusetts. The issues that we are encountering with this administration have been quite difficult and terrifying for so many across the country. Yet here in Chelsea, a lot of these very challenges have existed well before our last Presidential election. When it comes to humane immigration reform, access to youth jobs and training, environmental concerns that plague us including development that escapes our reach, we see how our most vulnerable have been affected. Here in Chelsea, we are doing our best to improve these economic challenges. Ayanna Pressley has the experience required to partner with us in the city to help move our initiatives and priorities forward. Ayanna not only knows how to legislate but how to implement policy proposals. She brings over 16 years of public service to Congress.

As a Boston City Councilor, Ayanna too has seen these disparities grow throughout the 7th Congressional District. These issues are not just Chelsea’s alone.

In fact, the 7th Congressional District is the most diverse district in Massachusetts yet the most unequal in the state. This did not happen overnight. This has been an ongoing growing problem and it is time that the whole district is seen and that Chelsea may elect a representative who brings this unique lens and understanding of the plight of its residents.

Ayanna has demonstrated she will continue to lead and advocate for:

-Life-saving gun violence and trauma prevention policies. Important to note Ayanna has been recognized by Moms Demand Action as an approved Gun-Sense candidate based on her advocacy and leadership for Gun Reform.

-Defend healthcare as a human right and fight for Medicare for all

-Advance a range of comprehensive criminal justice reforms with an emphasis on early intervention, sentencing reform, drug and mental health services and re-entry support

-Promote access to safe and affordable housing while supporting sustainable solutions for both renters and homeowners

-Protect Immigrant communities from policies that divide and traumatize families

-Lead with a bold equity agenda to address the disparities in education, wealth and health outcomes across our district, including safe and accessible transportation that supports and meets the needs of its residents

Ayanna Pressley has been endorsed by a wide array of activist leadership, labor and progressive groups. Some of these include the National Women’s Political Caucus, Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus, Indivisible Project, Disability Action PAC, Justice Democrats, Democracy for America, Higher Heights America, Progressive Massachusetts, #VOTERPROCHOICE, IBEW Local 103, UNITE HERE Local 26, SEIU 32BJ, Former Democratic Party Chair John Walsh, Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey in addition to a long list of local and state elected officials throughout the 7th Congressional District.

(*For a more comprehensive and complete list visit www.ayannapressley.com)

We see the incredible opportunity Ayanna Pressley brings to this Congressional race.

If elected it will be a historic moment as she will be the First Woman ever elected to the 7th Congressional District seat and the First Woman of Color ever elected from Massachusetts to the U.S. House of Representatives.

These times require bold leadership and a willingness to go further in protecting families across the Nation. Ayanna will be able to build with leadership and grow support in Congress for the issues she has seen in our own backyards. That is the experience we need in Washington, D.C., Leadership that understands it takes more than a vote, it takes vision and conviction to carry our stories into the halls of Congress and keep them at the forefront to change outcomes we have waited much too long for.

Change Can’t Wait. Join us in voting for Ayanna Pressley this Tuesday, September 4.

Chelsea City Council President, Damali Vidot and Chelsea City Councilors Enio Lopez, Yamir Rodriguez. Chelsea School Committee Chair Jeannette Velez, Vice-Chair Kelly Garcia, School Committee Member Julio Hernandez and Lucia Henriquez. Former School Committee Members Robert Pereira, Melinda Vega and Diana Maldonado.

Community Leaders and Activists, Saritin Rizzuto, Maria Belen Power, Katherine Cabral, John Valinch, Chrismaldi Vasquez, Vetto Casado, Karl Celis, Bernice Reyes, Attorney Daniel Occena and Katherine Occena, Attorney Mirna Diaz, and Marisol Santiago.

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