Attorney Olivia Anne Walsh Re-Appointed to the Chelsea Human Rights Commission

Chelsea Attorney Olivia Anne Walsh has been re-appointed to the Chelsea Human Rights Commission by City Manager Tom Ambrosino for a term of office to expire on June 30, 2021.

Consider Contacting the Chelsea Human Rights Commission if you live in Chelsea, work in Chelsea or visit Chelsea, and you feel like you have been a victim of discrimination, particularly in securing housing, in your employment or in a place of public accommodation (a business that’s open to the public). Also, consider contacting the Chelsea Human Rights Commission on line  at :humanrights @ or by phone at 617-466-4150.

You will be asked to describe in detail what happened, and to identify any people who were involved.  If after investigation, it is determined that there is a possibility that you were a victim of discrimination, the Chelsea Human Rights Commission may choose to  try to resolve your claim by bringing all the parties together it may refer you to other resources so that you may contact such as the Massachusetts Commission against Discrimination.

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