Thank You, Bob Hildreth

In an era when the dream of a college education is becoming less and less attainable for low-to-moderate income families, the need for members of the private sector to step up and provide assistance to such families has become more and more essential.

One such organization, Inversant, recently held its annual Chelsea 300 Breakfast at the Homewood Suites, which was attended by local community leaders and several Inversant families.

Inversant is the brainchild of Bob Hildreth, a Harvard graduate who achieved incredible success in the investment field and now is giving back to society in a very tangible way. Thanks to the assistance of Invsersant iand its superb staff, 580 students have been provided with the knowledge, skills, and economic wherewithal to navigate and partake of the college application process.

Inversant’s mission is to ensure that through parental engagement, every low-to-moderate income family has the resources and understanding they need to achieve their goals for higher education. Inversant’s success has been striking: 74 percent of its students complete their college degree programs in four years, which is twice the average completion rate among all income groups nationwide.

The recent breakfast, under the direction of Dennis Cataldo and the always-amazing Gladys Vega, highlighted the success of the Inversent program in helping local families reach their goals of a college education.

We wish to recognize Bob Hildreth for the incredible work that he is doing. We know we join with all members of our community in thanking him for helping make our society a place where the opportunity for success is available for all, regardless of income.

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