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A True leader

To the Editor,

The first time I heard Councilor Pressley speak at her kickoff event in Cambridge, I knew she was the right candidate for the 7th Congressional District. We need a true leader in Washington, representing communities that are in need, and I know that Ayanna is that leader. As a member of the Chelsea School Committee, I see the threats facing many of our most vulnerable students every day. From food insecurity to being concerned about President Trump’s bigoted immigration policies, Chelsea needs a bold advocate for those students, and others who are most at risk.

Ayanna Pressley is that advocate, and she will be that leader in Congress. On the Boston City Council, she has fought to ensure that students have access to fresh, healthy, and nutritious food, and has focused promoting the wellness of the whole student, through her emphasis on socio-emotional wellness supports like school nurses, mental health clinicians, and other critical support staff. I know she will take her advocacy on behalf of students to the halls of Congress.

Our communities face many threats, and it’s not enough for our elected officials to simply vote “the right way”, we need leaders who will govern alongside all those they are seeking to represent, and who will take our concerns, stories, and voices with them to Washington. I’m proud to stand with Ayanna Pressley.

Julio Hernandez

School Committeeman


Forbes  Park Chelsea

To the Editor,

Forbes Park is located on Crescent Ave in Chelsea MA on 17 acres of land facing the Chelsea River and Mill creek area. Forbes Park was supposed to be a cutting-edge sustainable urban development. Supported by funding from the federal stimulus package in 2009,  HYPERLINK “http://forbeslofts.com/” \t “_blank” the vision was to convert an old industrial area along the Chelsea running on recycled rain water, a fleet of electric cars, solar panels, and a wind turbine.

But the project stalled during the economic collapse as the developer ran up deep debts with lenders. The conversion was never completed, and the wind turbine never produced a significant amount of energy. Currently with new owners the project is trying to get back up in running.

Roughly about 2 weeks ago myself and Councilor At Large Leo Robinson met with the developer in charge of the project Joseph McGonagle to discuss future plans for the site and I know Green roots had a meeting the other night with some of the residents and but unfortunately I was unable to make it and I do apologize for not making it but I did get a lot of information the day myself and Councilor Robinson meet with the developer.

McGonagle told us the owner’s vision was to make what seemed to be a whole City facing the river which would consist of residential units, retail, bike path, clubhouse, community space, pedestrian gateway main bridge consisting of 2 vehicle and access to the commuter rail.

I know this all sounds well but has anyone thought of what this impact has on the residents of my district.

First of all, there needs to be a two-way access to get in and out of this property which the only way the city would allow this is through a bridge connecting from the site to Rt. 1 which will cost millions of dollars. And what about the cleanup, do we know if the land is contaminated? Is there a solution for pest control to combat the rodents? How long will this project take?

What about trucks going in and out of the site from Crescent Ave.

I know myself and the residents don’t want to hear the pounding of demolition along with the noise from the trucks going in and out all day long. Plus what about the effect of damage this may cause the residents properties. And what about parking for all the cars.  There will be parking on site but not for all which could trickle not only on Crescent Ave. but the surrounding streets. Plus, this all need to be approved by zoning, planning and ISD department from the City of Chelsea. This will take years to develop even if this gets off the ground.

My fellow Councilor would like to see a development that would consist of duplex and single family homes to keep up with the neighborhood.

I will keep in touch with the residents in my district, green roots who will insure the environment along with project manager Joe McGonagle as progress continues.

Our neighborhood is pristine and I would like to keep it that way.

If anyone has any feedback that the think would be valuable and want it presented please feel free to let me know.

Joe Perlatonda

City Councillor

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