Letters to the Editor

Thank you Chief Kyes and the Chelsea Police

Recently my house was broken into on Clinton Street. As you all know this can be a scary thing knowing someone you don’t know is in your house, but thanks to Chief Brian Kyes and the Chelsea Police force, the intruder was apprehended.

Unfortunately this doesn’t make me happy, but after having several discussions With Chief Kyes about safety in our area, he guaranteed me that he will beef up patrols in our neighborhood. I have also met with a few of the neighbors about what we can do as citizens and residents of Chelsea to protect our neighborhood.

I plan on talking with more of the neighbors and with ones I haven’t met yet to make them aware of situations like this and what we can do to prevent this from not happening again.

At first this put a sour taste in my mouth, saying to myself ‘how and why could this happen to me,’ but I realized that after talking to Chief Kyes and other people, I shouldn’t let one or two people ruin what Chelsea has to offer.

I think if we all work together and watch out for each other, we should have nothing to fear.

In the mean time I will keep in touch with Chief Kyes on the progress in our neighborhood in District 3.

And if anyone wants to get together and discuss this further, I will always be around as safety should be our number one priority.

In an emergency or situation like this, dial 9-1-1 or call the Police Department at 617-466-4855 as soon as possible. There is also a Crime Tip Hotline of 617-466-4880.

For safety reasons, don’t take this kind of situation in your own hands.

Thanks again to Chief Kyes and the Chelsea Police officers who put their neck on the line to help me out in this situation.

Joe Perlatonda

Candidate District 3

Clinton Street


Thank you for allowing me to serve

Fellow residents of District 8, I will not be seeking another term as District 8 City Councilor in this November’s election.  I announce this decision, a difficult one, not without reservation, but with a desire make my intentions known with sufficient time to give anyone wishing to run for the seat ample opportunity to pull papers and obtain the signatures necessary to assure a position on the ballot and significantly before campaigning functionally gets underway.  Anyone considering a run for the District 8 seat is welcome to contact me to discuss the position.

I urge all to stay abreast of City Council matters as election season nears, and after, and to pay attention to races, not just in District 8 and for At-Large representation, but around this small city because Council is the peoples branch of municipal government and the actions of it are crucial to the direction of our city now, throughout the next term and onward.

I remain District 8’s Councilor until the end of this calendar year and will continue to be the voice of its residents, my neighbors, in addressing quality of life and others matters with the vigor the position demands and honor that serving commands.  And after the expiration of my term, know that I will to continue to be a vocal resident when it comes consequential matters like the return of a strip club to the former King Arthur’s site, one I’ve partnered with so many to vehemently oppose, and others as one who still proudly calls Chelsea my home and wishes to see it be the best it can be.

Sincerely and with appreciation,

Dan Cortell

City Councilor, District 8

Chelsea City Council

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