Eversource Energy Teams with Chelsea Schools for Unique Fundraising

One-hundred percent profit for a school holding a fundraiser is practically unheard of—but that’s exactly what students at Chelsea schools will earn when they take part in the Eversource Energy’s Change a Light, Change the World Fundraiser. The campaign teaches students in 1st through 12th grade the importance of energy efficiency while providing schools an opportunity to raise a significant amount of money with no cost to the school.

“We’ve found that when students are taught about energy efficiency at an early age, it forms habits that stay with them for life,” said Bill Stack, Eversource Energy Efficiency Spokesperson. “The Change a Light, Change the World Fundraiser is a win-win–empowering students and bringing much needed money into their schools.”

Eversource donates a wide-range of energy-efficient items such as light bulbs and advanced power strips for students to sell.  The participating schools keep 100% of the proceeds and can raise up to $20,000 based upon the number of products sold. Since its inception, this fundraiser has pumped thousands of dollars into local schools with the school deciding how it wants to spend the money raised.

All Chelsea schools are eligible to participate. Schools kick-off the fundraising drive with a presentation, where two Eversource “Secret Agents” visit the school and lead students in an energy efficiency program including a trivia game, skit and Energy Efficiency Pact.

With a commitment to New England and the environment, Eversource continues to partner with local communities to teach students the benefits of making greener choices. Public and private schools in the Eversource service territory are eligible. To find out more about participating in the fundraiser or Eversource’s educational programs, visit Eversourceinschool.com or email Mary McCarthy at  mary.[email protected] or   [email protected].

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