Police Briefs 11-05-2015


On Saturday afternoon, Oct. 31, Engine 4 responded to the rear of the MGH Clinic (closed at the time) for the report of a female in labor. Engine 4 found the female in the front passenger seat of her vehicle with an MGH officer attending to her. Engine 4’s crew prepared their OB kit and just as they did the woman went into labor. Engine 4’s crew assisted with delivery and cleared the child’s airway. The crew wrapped the baby in a blanket and assessed the newborn’s vital signs. The crew stood by with both patients until the arrival of an ambulance. Mom and her healthy baby boy were transported to MGH Boston.

Engine 4 crew members included Acting Lieutenant Galvin Marenco, Firefighter Bryan Bermudez and Firefighter Carlos Obando.



On Friday, Oct. 30, at 1:07 PM, Chelsea Officers responded to 137 Springvale Ave. on a report of Breaking and Entering in progress. While responding, Chelsea Officers were given updated information from a witness who reported seeing the suspect inside the home. Officers were also notified that Everett Police were reporting two incidents in close proximity to the city boundary that also had occurred earlier. Due to the location of the call, Everett Police also responded. As officers arrived and entered both the rear and front of the property a Chelsea and Everett officer observed the suspect attempting to crawl out a window. The subject, later identified as Treon Mayers, 31 of Boston, initially retreated back inside the home but was arrested on scene without incident.

A search of Mayers uncovered assorted jewelry that was positively identified by victims of the two  house breaks in Everett and by the victim of the Chelsea incident. Mayers was charged with multiple Breaking and Entering and Receiving Stolen Property charges. The Everett Police also lodged charges based on the crimes that occurred in Everett.



A Chelsea resident was sentenced last week in U.S. District Court in Boston in connection with stealing the identity of an American armed services veteran.

Noe Arturo Castillo, 43, of Chelsea, was sentenced today by U.S. District Court Judge William G. Young to 24 months in prison and ordered to pay $21,082 to the federal government.  In July 2015, Castillo pleaded guilty to aggravated identity theft, wire fraud, passport fraud, theft of public money, and misuse of a Social Security number.

Castillo, who is presently a legal permanent resident of the United States but originally from Guatemala, unlawfully entered the United States in 1994, at which time he obtained a driver’s license and Social Security card in the identity of an American citizen who served in the armed forces.  In 2005, Castillo applied for a U.S. passport in the victim’s identity.  Castillo then secured a job using the victim’s identity and had his paycheck directly deposited into a bank account using the victim’s identity.  Castillo was later terminated from the job and began collecting unemployment benefits in the victim’s identity, to which he was not entitled.

The case was investigated by the Homeland Security Investigations Document and Benefit Fraud Task Force.  The case was prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Carlos A. Lopez and Special Assistant U.S. Attorney Timothy Landry of Ortiz’s Criminal Division.



On Friday, Oct. 30, Chelsea Police Detectives conducted two search warrants within the city after lengthy investigations targeting neighborhood drug dealing. Both raids led to arrests and the seizure of money and drugs.

Police executed the first search warrant at 8:30 a.m. at 124 Washington Ave. #3. Police arrested Dana Howell, 31, of Quincy, for Illegal Distribution of Class “A” and Class “B” drugs.  Howell had been placed previously in custody by Chelsea Detectives on March 25 and charged with Trafficking in Cocaine after a raid at a 86 Division St. apartment. Howell was free on bail awaiting a trail date to face those charges.

A second Search Warrant was executed at 10:45 a.m. at 40 Orange St. #3. Gretchin Agosto, 27, of that address was placed into custody and charged with possession of Class “A” drugs.  Police received numerous complaints about suspicious activity at the address prompting the investigation. Chelsea Detectives also filed reports with DCF as Agosto’s 4-year-old daughter was inside the home during the raid. The daughter was placed into temporary care of Agosto’s mother. Police also notified city inspectors to respond due to building code violations.

Both were arraigned in Chelsea District Court Monday Nov. 2.


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