Letter to the Editor

Thank you for your continued service

Dear Editor:

I want to thank you for the coverage of the Memorial Day Service sin Chelsea. It was great to see so many people attend the service at the City Hall.

You have also reported on the services held at the Soldier’s Home but you did not give any credit to the contributions made by the members of the Polish American Veterans Post 13 in Chelsea (“PAV”). Therefore I want to add a big thank you to PAV.

For many years PAV has participated and conducted memorial services in this city. Even though there are not many PAC members left, they still provide the wreaths and the flags that were placed at the monuments during the memorial ceremony in front of the City Hall and they have done this for many years. With fewer hands to do the work of decorating it takes time to make sure that graves are decorated. I want to applaud PAV for their continued effort to this service to their comrades.

Before Memorial Day PAV makes sure that all the veterans’ graves are decorated with US flags. They accomplish this task with only a few members. They buy the flags and in the past had to get the tops of the sticks sharpened with an old pencil sharpener so they can be placed in the hard ground.

In past years, I remember going to Woodlawn cemetery at 8 a.m. for the ceremonies at veterans gravesites on Memorial Day. I also remember the ceremonies at Pulaski statue and Garden Cemetery, which were conducted and led by PAV.

So I would like to say to the Polish American Veterans Post 13 in Chelsea, “Thank you for your continued service in remembering your fellow veterans on Memorial Day.”

Theresa Czerepica


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