Ash says Baker Victory Good for Chelsea/State

City Manager Jay Ash has made no bones about his support of Gov.-elect Charlie Baker and, after Baker’s big win on Tuesday, Ash said he’s waiting to see how he can help the new administration and how the new administration might be able to partner with Chelsea.

“I’m looking forward to having some relationship with them that’s still to be defined,” he said Wednesday morning. “It was a great win and I want to show my support for a guy I have known for a long time and whom I think will be a great leader for this state. I’m excited about his soon-to-be elevation to governor of the Commonwealth.”

In the coming weeks, Baker and Gov. Deval Patrick will likely assemble a transition team to help transfer the power and Ash might well find himself on that team – having been a long-time regional leader in the Metropolitan Mayor’s Association and a friendly face to both Patrick and Baker.

“I’m digesting the election and haven’t turned to what’s next really,” reiterated Ash. “It would be an honor to provide Governor-elect Baker with any assistance he might seek, and I’ve already been talking to him about all we want to accomplish here in Chelsea and in Gateway Cities around the state. He’s been very receptive and his comments during the campaign reflected his belief in Gateway Cities. I am expecting a strong relationship and continued State support for our local agenda and continuing rejuvenation.”

In a press conference with the media Wednesday afternoon, Baker said his first order of business would be to assemble a team of talented people who want to serve.

“The first thing we want to do is assemble a great team,” he said. “That’s goal number one. We want to find talented people in the Commonwealth who want to serve in the administration and in the transition.”

Ash was present during Tuesday’s intense, official Baker election celebration in Boston’s Seaport District. He said it was the first time he had been to such a celebration and it was tiring – as the close race had those in attendance on their feet for six-plus hours.

It was a situation where being at Ground Zero was less informative than being on the couch at home.

“It really was a true nail biter of an election,” said Ash. “The tough thing was that you couldn’t hear what the talking heads were saying on TV and where the votes were coming from. When it was all knotted up, no one knew.”

Others from Chelsea in attendance included:

  • Attorney Jack Richard, a former Scott Brown supporter
  • Former Republic State Rep. Candidate Todd Taylor
  • Chelsea resident and Revere Police Capt. Jim Guido
  • Brian Sullivan, clerk at Chelsea District Court

“I’m thrilled at the results because I think Charlie Baker has the potential to be a great governor,” said Ash. “He’s a unique combination of terrific administrator and thoughtful visionary. I find him to be a great listener and naturally inquisitive, and I’ve been impressed with how the opinions of others are appropriately channeled into his own, already well thought out perspectives on important matters. He’ll be great for the entire state, including us here in Chelsea, so, yes, I’m excited about the possibilities.”

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