Rep. Ryan Weighing in on Ballot Questions

With the state election set for Tuesday, Chelsea’s State Rep. Dan Ryan is weighing in on the state’s ballot questions.

Ryan said he is urging residents and residents across the Commonwealth to vote no on Question 1.

A yes vote on Question 1 would eliminating gas tax indexing. This proposed law would eliminate the requirement that the state’s gasoline tax, which was 24 cents per gallon as of September 2013, be adjusted every year by the percentage change in the Consumer Price Index over the preceding year, but not be adjusted below 21.5 cents per gallon.

A ‘no’ vote would make no change in the laws regarding the gas tax.

Ryan said this is by far the most important question facing cities like Chelsea.

“For me the biggest question in this election is keeping the mechanisms in place that will get rehabilitation to roads and bridges over the goal line,” said Ryan. “People need to vote no if on Question 1 because if the gas tax is repealed it affects the way we pay for bridges, roads and other transportation projects in the state.”

Ryan said when you take into account the money raised from the gas tax coupled with matching federal and private funds it is a crucial revenue stream for transportation projects in the state.

As far as Question 3, Ryan said he is not urging any fellow residents to vote one way or another but said he is personally against casino repeal. A ‘yes’ vote on Question 3 would repeal the casino legislation, something some residents are supporting since Wynn Everett was awarded a gaming license from the Mass Gaming Commission.

“First of all the referendum questions are a political question not a governmental one,” he said. “How I vote on that is my private personal vote as a private citizen and it not a vote on the House Floor. I have never been for casino repeal and I have remained consistent and always thought if casinos are done correctly they could work in the area.”

Ryan said he has been lobbied to endorse a ‘yes’ vote on Question 3.

“I have chosen not to get involved on either side,” said Ryan. “I’m not for repeal and I’m not trying to be cute I’m just staying out of the way and not endorsing either side. With that said I’ve chosen to use the last six weeks to deal with the governmental aspects of the casino law. I have an obligation as the State Representative to ensure the current law on the books works for Charlestown and Chelsea.”

With the meeting he facilitated last week between the Gaming Commission and residents, Ryan said he has been doing everything in his power to make sure residents in his district are given the attention they deserve.

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