Welcome to Chelsea, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen

We are certainly very honored to have Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen visiting our city.

Mrs. Yellen is an international figure and a leader of the world’s economy. She has produced outstanding accomplishments in her field and is  admired and respected by economists and financial professionals across the globe. She has studied and taught at the world’s most prestigious institutions, having graduated summa cum laude from Brown University and having received her Ph.D in economics from Yale University. Mrs. Yellen was also an assistant professor at Harvard and a lecturer at The London School of Economics.

Mrs. Yellen was set to tour the city and visit CONNECT, a consortium of local organizations in Chelsea’s The Neighborhood Developers (TND) headquarters. TND Director Ann Huston understands the magnitude of having an international figure here, saying that Yellen’s visit is the biggest event in her organization’s history.

We echo City Manager Jay Ash’s excitement in having the opportunity to show our city to Chair Yellen. Ash has guided our community to the national All-America City Award and this is another proud day for a city that has been receiving consistent, national recognition for its programs and organizations’ collaborative efforts.

Mrs. Yellen’s visit to Chelsea puts our outstanding CONNECT program in the national spotlight. We’re sure Chair Yellen will enjoy hearing about the success of this fine program that helps residents who are trying to find employment opportunities.

Thank you, Chair Yellen, for honoring our city with your visit.

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