Get Out And Vote

We remember the old-fashioned elections in Chelsea’s past when legendary public officials like our own esteemed former publisher Andrew Quigley Sr., Hugh McLaughlin, Al Voke, Richard Voke, John Slater, John Donovan, Robert Donovan, and other notables brought tremendous turnouts to the polls on Election Day.

There is a huge election this Tuesday, Sept. 9 for statewide, district, and county offices and we hope that Chelsea residents will exercise their right to vote and decide whom they want to represent our city in these important positions of leadership.

In Chelsea and neighboring Charlestown, former Chelsea City Councilor Roy Avellaneda is challenging State Rep. Dan Ryan for the seat that was previously held by Gene O’Flaherty. Ryan won a special election in April and now he and Avellaneda are facing off for the second time for the seat in the Democratic primary (There is no Republican candidate).

Both Dan and Roy have waged excellent, highly visible campaigns and you can read their responses to the issues in a question-and-answer piece in today’s Record.

When you can get two outstanding and articulate candidates such as Dan and Roy responding to issues in direct and thorough fashion, it’s a good discourse that benefits voters and our city.

Both candidates have worked hard in their quest to be our city’s representative on Beacon Hill. We hope that Chelsea residents will honor their efforts in their campaigns by turning out to vote on Tuesday.

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