Take Advantage of Our Great Parks This Summer

We remember the great Chelsea Parks director John “Doc” Mahoney and how Chelsea youths will come to our playgrounds on hot summer days and enjoy a full slate of recreational and sports activities.

We recall that Mr. Mahoney’s nephew, Tom Mahoney, also had a role in the parks system beyond his incredible effort of founding the Chelsea High School soccer program and building it into a Greater Boston League powerhouse as its coach.

In those playground days of yore, parks such as Voke, Quigley, Highland, Bosson, Merritt, Polonia  fielded basketball and baseball teams that competed in a citywide league.

In the 1980s we remember the fine leadership of Summer Parks Feeding Program Director Arnold Goodman and area supervisor Frank DePatto, who would go on to be appointed director of athletics at Chelsea High, a position he still holds to this day and in which he excels.

Thanks to City Manager Jay Ash, our parks are in great shape and improvements continue to made to these facilities.

The summer parks feeding program is running smoothly and breakfasts and lunches are available at designated sites throughout the city.

We urge our youth to take advantage of the Chelsea parks and get out there and participate in regular sports and physical fitness activities.

Being able to play at the parks outdoors in the fresh air in the summer months is one of the joys of life in the city. Our parks are spacious and welcoming areas for recreation and fun activities.

Let’s enjoy our parks in this great weather that characterizes summer in New England.

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