FBI Project to Go to ZBA Later This Month

At long last, the FBI is coming.

In another time and era, such statements in Chelsea were wholly negative, but these days those are the words just about everyone in the City has been waiting to hear for several years.

Emerald Corporate Center LLC – controlled by Anthony C. and Patricia Simboli of ACS Development – filed plans with the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) and the Planning Board this week to get approvals for building a 250,000 sq. ft. office building with 420 parking spaces.

The building would be located at 201 Maple St., across from the new Residence Inn on 5.125 acres of vacant property.

It was proposed for approval as a major site development.

“We’re looking forward to getting past this point and getting a shovel in the ground to start the project,” said City Manager Jay Ash. “It’s ‘the’ project everyone in the City has been looking forward to and ACS has done a tremendous job staying committed to this project. They realize how important it is to everyone in Chelsea. Another developer with a lesser commitment would have redeveloped this into some lesser project. The FBI building will be the crowning jewel of all the great thing we’ve done on Everett Avenue.”

Ash said the groundbreaking would most likely be next spring, and potentially next summer.

The hearings will take place on Tuesday, Aug. 27th.

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