A Phenomenal Start: Eighth Grader Mia Nowicki Stars for St. Mary’s High School Softball Team

Eighth grader Mia Nowicki is in a class by herself for the St. Mary’s High School varsity softball team.

Pitching against opponents who are often four-to-five years older than she, the 13-year-old Nowicki is fast becoming a star in the high school ranks, even though technically she is still in junior high.

Mia displayed her amazing stuff in a pitching performance against Lynn Classical Monday night, helping St. Mary’s of Lynn defeat Classical, 6-1, in the championship game of the John Holland Memorial Tournament.

Mia was named to the All-Tournament Team one year after nearly pitching a no-hitter and then winning the Most Outstanding Pitcher Award as a seventh grader.

It’s an awesome start to a varsity career that may surpass even that of Mia’s father, the great Paul Nowicki, who tore up the Chelsea Little League and the Chelsea Youth Baseball League before becoming an All-Scholastic three-sport (football, hockey, and baseball) performer at Matignon High School in Cambridge. He later earned a spot on Division 1 Clemson University’s football roster. Mia’s mother, Tracy Constantino Nowicki, executive director of the Chelsea Senior Center, was also an athlete of note at Chelsea High School.

Mia’s basketball skills are also superb. A 5-feet-4-incg guard, she was the leading scorer on the St. Mary’s junior varsity team and will likely move up to the varsity as a freshman this winter.

“Her athletic skills are off the charts,” said St. Mary’s athletic director Jeff Newhall. “It’s rare for an eighth grader to participate in varsity sports, let alone excel like she has at this level.”

Mia has been both a starting pitcher and reliever for a 15-5 St. Mary’s softball team that is considered a major contender for the state championship. She has shown steady improvement with a repertoire that includes two fastballs, a curveball, change-up, and screwball.

“I just keep working hard at practice and my coaches and teammates really help me out, too,” said Mia. “Coach [Colleen] Newbury is a really good coach and helps us through a lot of stuff.”

Mia said being a varsity player in the eighth grade is a challenge that she welcomes. “It’s nerve wracking but exciting, but I’m glad I’m doing it.”

Mia was asked whether she was aware of her father’s incredible career at Matignon and if, in fact, that greatness had rubbed off on her.

“I get my talent from God, not from my dad,” she said with a smile.

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