Is There an Alternative?

The meeting by the State Department of Transportation on the ethanol trains coming into our community using the existing commuter rails, certainly was not what the many residents and officials wanted to hear. The state officials basically said that there is very little to be done to stop the project.

We know that we live in an older industrialized city.

We know that there exists contaminated sites in our city.

We know that we have airport noise and pollution.

And we know that we are the main freeway into Boston used by thousands of commuters from the North Shore.

However, the proposed route for the delivery of ethanol should not be something that we should also be asked to bear.

Our elected officials are opposed to the proposed delivery of the ethanol by train.

Residents in the neighboring communities have joined together to also oppose the proposed train delivery.

Chelsea City Manager Jay Ash has asked about the possibility of using ships to transport this highly dangerous cargo by way of the Chelsea Creek.

We concur that there might be another way to transport this cargo into our community.

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