Congratulations,chelsea High

We want to congratulate Superintendent of Schools Dr. Mary Bourque, Chelsea High Principal Joseph Mullaney and the Chelsea school system on receiving the College Board’s 2012 AP District Honor Roll Award.

The award was presented to Chelsea High for the access that the school and its faculty have provided to students who are interested in taking Advanced Placement (AP) classes.

The award not only recognizes the district for offering expanded access to these challenging academic classes but also maintaining or improving the number of students who score highly on the Advanced Placement exams.

Chelsea High offers 13 AP classes, giving students the opportunity to showcase their academic talents and diligence in the most rigorous courses that are offered at the high school.

The teachers on the CHS faculty deserve credit for setting the foundation upon which their students can ascend academically and succeed on the AP exams.

Our high school administrators and faculty are working hard every day to give the students the best academic experience possible so that these students can compete for admission to the finest colleges and universities.

Representatives from the College Board will be coming to Chelsea next week to present this distinguished award to Dr. Bourque, Mr. Mullaney, and our high school. The award is emblematic of one more success story in a school system that continues to grow and thrive under the leadership of Dr. Bourque and the Chelsea School Committee.

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