Marguerite Donovan

The death of Marguerite Donovan brings sadness to those of us who knew her, and her late husband, John.

Mrs. Donovan was a real personality, a character actually. When this city was turning around 30 years ago, she was one among a number of dignified, energetic and smart women who called this place their home, who became real estate brokers and who moved all kinds of property to newcomers coming into the city to taste of it.

She was always dressed impeccably and lived in a fine old home on Washington Avenue.

Her late husband John, the former chief council to the House of Representatives and lawyer for the Red Sox, was a legend.

Marguerite was a legend of her own.

We are sorry to learn of her death.

And we are especially sorry for her family, and her son John, whom we know so well.

Our condolences.

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