Margolis Pharmacy closed following DEA intervention

Chelsea’s oldest pharmacy in Bellingham Square has been closed following a visit to the landmark by Drug Enforcement Agency officials who ordered everyone to leave and who shut the place down earlier this week.

The action followed an earlier visit by the DEA, sources close to the investigation told the Record.

“There was unfinished business from the first DEA visit. It really caught everyone by surprise,” said the source.

No one was arrested, and to this point in time, no one has been indicted or charged with a federal crime.

Some of the store’s supply of narcotic drugs was removed by the DEA.

The pharmacy owners are apparently facing a hearing before the State Board of Pharmacy.

At that meeting it will be determined whether or not Margolis will be allowed to keep their license and to reopen.

According to sources, that hearing is about ten days away.

Margolis was opened in the early 1930’s by the Margolis Family – one of Chelsea’s oldest Jewish families.

They owned the pharmacy until it was sold in the mid-1970’s.

The Margolis Family at that time ceased to have anything to do with the pharmacy that still bears its name.

Since that time the pharmacy has changed hands a number of times.

“I don’t believe this is the end of Margolis Pharmacy,” said a source close to the investigation.

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